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MICE Cycle

To add significant value , Tourism DNA works with you at every stage of the MICE Cycle, helping you plan your Meetings & Incentive budgets, destinations and implementation. Take a look at the Tourism DNA MICE Cycle Here.

Meetings & Incentives at Tourism DNA

Transforming organizations through live events.
Management Control
Whether you need to plan an awards banquet, set up an incentive program that will reward, recognise and motivate your sales teams or distributor network, or arrange a complex, professional meeting, you can leave the tiniest details to us. At Tourism DNA, we belive in working closely with our clients to enhance effectiveness of Meetings and Incetive programs.
Incentive Travel Services
Despite the advance in communication technology and the ease of doing video and audio conference calls, the charm and effectiveness of meetings have not faded.
Travel Choices
Talking of Incentives, Travel remains the most sought after Incentive to motivate and reward performance. We work with our clients to maxmise the impact of MICE events, using a proven strategy of using the MICE Cycle, where we add value to every part of the Cycle
Travel Incentive
Employers, HR managers, sales managers, supervisors and above all business owners often face the dilemma - what makes the best incentive for my employee? Is it a promotion, a pay rise, added or unlimited vacation time a la Branson, added riches in the form of bonuses, ESOP...the list is endless. However, as has been proven a million times over, perhaps the most enduring of all incentives is Travel.
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